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Recreation of a 16th century Brussels Tapestry

11′ 8″ X 8′ 11″ – No.546398

Origin: China

Quality: Wool

Genuine Hand Woven

Size: 11′ 8″ X 8′ 11″

“David and Bethsabee“ is woven after a 16th century tapestry originating from Brussels. the tapestry depicts a scene from the biblical story of David and Bethsabee.
David, the same David that slew the giant Goliath, was a prophet and King of Israel, despite his low birth as a shepherd, David was famed for his success in warfare , establishing Israel as an independent state, establishing Jerusalem as the capitol and there transporting the ark of the covenant. The scene depicted in the tapestry is from the ammonite war, during which he met and sinned with Bethsabee, wife of Urias, whom he took as his third wife after indirectly murdering Urias. The intensity of his contrition for his crime brought him God’s pardon and made him a model for penitents.David reigned in Jersulam for 33 years and upon his death he was buried on mount Sion & his prophecies remain embodied in the psalms of the bible.